Fluid Connectors

Pneumatic Piping & Tubing System in Singapore

Pneumatic Piping & Tubing System in Singapore

The company 'Mission' becomes Design, Development and Production of fittings for Industrial Automation without losing the sensitivity to the demands of a changing market and focusing the attention on the search for new materials and the development of new products. The Fittings obtained the first ISO 9001 certificate in 1994. A very comprehensive catalog products offer featuring different materials,product functions along with custom made solutions developed in narrow cooperation with the customers, represent its core business.

We are pleased to offer specialized fittings for all types of gases and fluids upto a pressure range of 250 Bar. The fittings offered are as below:-

SS316L / Brass / Plastic Push In fitting: For High Pressure and Temperatures upto 250 bar and 150 Deg C

SS316L / Brass Two Touch Safety Couplings: For General Pneumatic and Food Grade applications.

Lubrication fittings: For Oil upto 250 Bar and 70 Deg C

Misting Fittings: for Humidification Upto a pressure of 80 Bar

Function fittings: Flow Control / NRV