High pressure compressed air piping Singapore

We show you where, when and how much you can save. Our solutions cover both supply side and demand side. We offer a unique product range consisting of:

Insertion and in-line flow meters and other sensors for compressed air, and technical gases.

Energy management software for compressed air and other utilities

Easy to use tools for installation

Our products and solutions are often unique in the market, easy to use , sustainably produced, and designed with two eyes for detail.

Measure, Discover and Save!

Compressed air is a very expensive energy source. In fact, it is nearly 10 times more expensive than electricity.

Studies show that upto 50% of generated compressed air is still lost due to leakage, incompetent use and overdue maintainance. The products enable you to chart these losses easily.

In many cases, compressed air demand can be reduced by optimizing the compressed air system with proper air management, pressure control, piping configurations and air leak control.

Compressed air applications

Virtually any production plant utilizes compressed air. Applications are packaging machines, offset presses, transport of granulate and food ingredients, cooling of products, and tank aeration.

Ceramic factories

Glass production

Cement and construction products


Food production, beverage and breweries

Life sciences


Steel production

Other markets and applications

Our products are used successfully in various industrial applications, for example :

Aeration monitoring in water treatment plants

Airflow monitoring in large ducts

General test and measurement applications

OEM applications

Combustion air mixing

Technical gas mixing

Welding gas, packaging gas

CO2 consumption metering

CO2 exhaust metering